About the Crystal Skulls Authors

crystal skullChris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas are independent writers and film-makers who first began their research into crystal skulls over 13 years ago.

Chris and Ceri first met at Stirling University in Scotland where they both studied film and television.  They then moved to London where they worked in television production for both the BBC and Channel 4 before they went on to make their highly acclaimed documentary ‘The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls’.  This documentary has been shown on BBC television and on the A&E network in the US and Canada, and on numerous other television stations around the world. 

The information Chris and Ceri obtained about crystal skulls whilst researching this documentary, they felt was so important they had to write a book about it. This book, ‘THE MYSTERY OF THE CRYSTAL SKULLS’, the original factual book on the subject, has now become a bestseller.  It has sold over 100,000 copies so far, and been translated into fifteen languages. 

This book has also now inspired the world’s top film makers, as well as Chris Morton and Ceri Thomas's own new novel "2012 - The Secret of the Crystal Skull" [Click Here for further information].

Mayan TempleThe authors have also appeared on numerous television and radio shows around the world including  NBC/Sci-Fi Channel’s ‘Mystery of the Crystal Skulls’,  The History Channel’s ‘Indiana Jones and the Ultimate Quest’, and Discovery Travel Channel’s ‘Top Ten Places of Mystery’ an extract of which can also be seen on YouTube

Chris and Ceri spent several years living and working in Southern Mexico, whilst they researched and wrote about the crystal skulls.  They now live in rural England with their two sons.  They run an independent television production company specializing in making films of a philosophical, spiritual or environmental nature, and are also involved in conservation work to protect endangered species and raise environmental awareness.